The School: A New Kind of School

A New Kind of School

The Aquaponics Institute of Technology is a pioneer in Aquaponics, sustainability, renewable resource, and green technology education. It is the first school of its kind and it will likely draw national and international attention due to the school’s potential global impact on hunger, for teaching the ability to create renewable food resources, and to have an impact on the global climate crisis. The school will exist as a non-profit nationally accredited degree producing school, a research facility, and charitable organization. An entirely new job market is expected to emerge from the education this school will provide.


A consortium of nationally accredited colleges and universities will be created to offer classes of benefit to the goals and mission of the school. There are over 82 such institutions in the United States which agreements may be possible. Member colleges will provide courses to students of the Aquaponics Institute of Technology through in person, live video camera, or online teaching media. Credits will be awarded by the institution providing the course and degrees and certifications will be conferred by the Aquaponics Institute of Technology. The school will become nationally accredited by the appropriate resident and online accrediting agencies after the required one year waiting period, once degree programs have commenced. Courses of instruction for K-12 public schools will also be developed to enter the education system of the United States and potentially schools throughout the world.