Let's Build a Better Future Together

There is a global problem of hunger, famine, poverty, diminishing global resources, and decreasing available arable land for crops. Changes need to be made to accommodate the growing global population, depletion of food and natural resources, and to combat the climate crisis. New state-of-the-art communities need to be created and existing communities need to be reorganized to provide sustainable renewable food resources and institute green technologies; however, trained experts are required to bring these ideas to life by being able to design, build, manage, and maintain these communities and resources.

The Aquaponics Institute of Technology is a pioneer in online and residential Aquaponics, sustainability, renewable resources, and green technology education. They will exist as a non-profit nationally accredited degree producing school, a research facility, and charitable organization. An entirely new job market is expected to emerge from the education this school will provide. Educational programs for state and private grades K-12 will also be developed to help foster a new sustainability conscious generation in the United States and global community.